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Litty Gift Box


Our Litty lighter is an easy-to-use electric lighter

  • Has an adhesive strip for you to adhere to any phone case/mobile device, car dash or anywhere you want!
  • They are USB-C rechargeable, flameless & windproof – guaranteed to keep you lit wherever you are.
  • Safety-lock clip feature also functions as a kick-stand and finger ring grip.
  • High quality, long lasting battery and sleek design
  • Enhance your smoking experience with our Premium Flavoured Canna Hemp Tips. Our carbon filter tips create optimum airflow to enhance the natural flavours and overall experience of your smoke.

Our flavoured hemp tips are designed to complement the flavour of your favourite dry herb whilst also filtering out some of those harmful substances from the smoke! Each hemp tip contains two food-grade silicone flavoured beads allowing you to opt for potency of your flavour with every pop.

1 pack = 3 flavoured hemp tips

Our premium flavoured hemp tips do not contain any artificial products as they are made from natural ingredients only including natural food flavouring, organic hemp and paper.

The perfect 420 gift for your best buds.
This gift box  is valued at $45.00 and comes with:

  • 1 x Litty lighter
    Economical, Environmentally friendly Electric Lighter
  • 5 x Flavoured hemp tips
    – Watermelon Hemp Tips
    – Grape Hemp Tips
    – Mango Hemp Tips
    – Blueberry Hemp Tips
    – Strawberry Hemp Tips

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