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Joint Holder


Ultra-sleek Joint Case / Holder a.k.a Doob Tube – Limited Drop 

  • Say goodbye to crushed or broken joints – this doob tube is made from the highest quality aircraft grade aluminium to keep your contents safe in a cute, discreet form. Storage for any type of activity wherever whenever.
  • Completely smell proof tube with screw-top to lock and seal that dank smell. Keep your goodies fresh, dry and in perfect condition!
  • This tube is completely waterproof due to the interlocking threading and O ring sealer.
  • Keep your joints or pre-rolls fresh for longer
  • Compact and perfect travel size – Perfect for pockets, purchases and backpacks.

Ultra-sleek Joint Case / Holder a.k.a Doob Tube
Keep your pre-rolls fresh and in perfect condition with our ‘Cannagirl’ or ‘Canna High’ Joint holder.

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