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High Maintenance Case


Our subtile and sleek High Maintenance Case is odorless and smell-proof.
Designed to hold your cigarettes, joints and blunts

It also comes with a USB rechargeable lighter:

  • Windproof which makes it perfect for smoking your joints outdoors!
  • Much safer than flammable gases
  • Disposable lighters harm the environment in addition to wasting your money. With a USB rechargeable lighter, you just push the ignition button and to produce up to 900 degrees of instant heat, without producing any harmful emissions
  • Fits perfectly inside your case
  • Fast charging and lasts a long time

Out of stock

Our High Maintenance Case is light-weight, smell-proof and includes with a USB Rechargable lighter! Perfect for keeping your pre-rolled joints / blunts in perfect condition for your outdoor adventures.


Contact: CannaHigh Team

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