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Herb Saver Grinder Large


Large Herb Saver Grinders are made of medical-grade polypropylene, a durable, high-quality plastic that is a step up from the average aluminum grinder. Each 4 piece Herb Saver grinder features a magnetic lid for secure closure, ensuring your herb is safely stored in a water-resistant and odor-resistant compartment. Herb Saver grinder teeth are covered against damage with a lifetime warranty, ensuring your herb reaches the perfect consistency with every grind.

Herb Saver features at a glance:

Dimensions: 2.4″ X 3.8″ – (6.1cm by 9.6cm)
Medical Grade PP ♻
Magnetic Lid
Water Resistant
Odor Resistant
Very Sharp Herb Grinder Teeth
Friction Fit Pollen Screen disc
Handy Pollen Scraper

Large Herb Saver Grinder dimensions are (6.1cm by 9.6cm) 2.4 by 3.8 inches with a capacity to store up to 14 grams of ground, dry herbs and pollen. The all-in-one weed grinder design comes with a stainless steel, friction fit pollen screen disc that can be removed for cleaning and is easily replaced. Every Herb Saver grinder also comes with a convenient pollen scraper that can be stored in its smallest kief-catching chamber.

Various Colours Available: White, Red, Black, Green, Purple, Blue

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