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420 Gift Box

Original price was: $61.00.Current price is: $42.00.

Enhance your smoking experience with our Premium Flavoured Canna Hemp Tips. Our carbon filter tips create optimum airflow to enhance the natural flavours and overall experience of your smoke.

Canna hemp tips are designed to complement the flavour of your favourite dry herb whilst also filtering out some of those harmful substances from the smoke! Each hemp tip contains two food-grade silicone flavoured beads allowing you to opt for potency of your flavour with every pop. Place a flavour hemp tip into your next joint, blunt or wrap.

Our flavoured ‘one-hitter’ glass pipes are designed with premium carbon flavoured filter tips which help to create optimum airflow to enhance your smoking experience. Our Flavoured Pop sticks are designed to be your convenient solution to a portable, smooth and flavoured glass pipe to enjoy your favourite dry herb. Each filter contains 3 food-grade silicone flavoured beads which can be individually popped to release extra bursts of flavour.



The perfect 420 gift for your best buds.

This gift box comes with 7 of our favourite hemp tip flavours and 4 pop stick complete packs valued at $61.00.

  • 7 x Flavoured Hemp Tips
    – Blueberry Hemp Tips
    – Strawberry Hemp Tips
    – Watermelon Hemp Tips
    – Pineapple Hemp Tips
    – Mango Hemp Tips
    – Cotton Candy Hemp Tips
    – Strawberry Kiwi Hemp Tips
  • 4 x Pop Stick Complete Packs
    – Mint Pop Stick Pack
    – Green Apple Pop Stick Pack
    – Lychee Pop Stick Pack
    – Tropical Jungle Pop Stick Pack

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