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Charcoal Refill Tube


Charcoal Refill for your Pike / Tar Filter

The Pike was designed to be used across the board for both flower and concentrates to ensure a cleaner and smoother smoking experience via your glass piece. Our tar filter uses activated coconut and seaweed-based carbon filter technology to remove 90% of tar, contaminants and harmful chemicals from combustion of your plant material. The two-fold chamber filtration system enhances the flavour profile of your herbs and AS the smoke passes through the water (acting as a secondary filter), your provided with a cleaner, smoother and cooler hit.

And yes, that also means you won’t have to clean your glass as much!

Charcoal Refill for your Pike / Tar Filter to minimise cleaning

Pike Refill – Activated charcoal refill balls for Pike / Tar Filter

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