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Blue Haze Pop Sticks


Enhance your smoking experience with our Premium Flavoured Pop Sticks. Our flavoured ‘one-hitter’ glass pipes are designed with premium carbon flavoured filter tips which help to create optimum airflow to enhance your smoking experience.

Our Flavoured Pop sticks are designed to be your convenient solution to a portable, smooth and flavoured glass pipe to enjoy your favourite dry herb. Each filter contains 3 food-grade silicone flavoured beads which can be individually popped to release extra bursts of flavour.

Pop the filter (up to 3 silicone beads), load your material and enjoy. Change and replace the filter as necessary.


Each product contains:

1 Chillum (glass tip) and 2 Additional flavoured hemp tips (3 flavoured hemp tips in total)

Our premium flavoured hemp tips do not contain any artificial products as they are made from natural ingredients only including natural food flavouring, organic hemp and paper.

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