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Cloud Vault Smoke Filter

The Cloud Vault combines a HEPA filter with Activated Carbon in a unique design that captures odour particles while allowing air to pass through. Like a vault, the smells and clouds that you would have released are stored securely forever! Works with any herb or smokable.


1. Inhale your favourite Smoke or herb of choice
2. Place your mouth on the Cloud Vault and breathe out / exhale the smoke through the Cloud Vault
3. Only clean air will exit the Cloud Vault!

Australian owned and designed

3 in stock

  • CAPTURE SMELLS: Hand-held Personal odour eliminator. Share any space!
  • LONG LASTING: Designed for the daily user. Our LARGE FILTER keeps you going for longer! 100% Chemical-Free
  • MAX AIRFLOW & COMFORT: Featuring a Large comfortable mouthpiece that creates a seal around your mouth. Our unique filter is EASY to breathe through and keeps build up AWAY from your mouth. Designed for Maximum airflow, Long-life & Comfort
  • REPLACEABLE FILTERS: Reduce waste & cost with replaceable filters. Our large filters reduce plastic with less frequent refills. The removable mouthpiece can be fully cleaned!
  • HIGH-QUALITY DISCRETE DESIGN: Great value, high quality & easy to use. Designed to fit in your hand and go the distance. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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